Repeating the Greek Key Pattern makes an interesting all over maze effect.


By Nancy Hearne

   1 Charles Craft Kitchen Mates Terry Hang Towel
            in White

   DMC Embroidery Floss:  1 skein of Blue #799
   No. 24 Tapestry needle
   1 ball each (50 gr) DMC Cebelia Size 30 in White
            & Blue #799

  #11 Steel Crochet Hook

A.  Using 2 strands of floss, center & cross stitch the charted design across Aida cloth insert
area on towel.

B.  Edge:  Work across top & lower sides of Aida cloth insert as illustrated above.
     Row 1:  R. S.  Attach White in towel around Aida "square", hdc-*ch 3-sk 2 squares of
fabric-hdc around next square, repeat from * across.  Change to Blue. Turn.

     Row 2:  In ch 3 sp, sl st-starting cluster (= ch 3-2 dc holding last lp of each on hook, yo &
through all lps)-ch 3-cluster (= 3 dc holding last lp of each on hook, yo & through
all lps),*ch 2-sl st in next ch 3 sp, cluster-ch 3-cluster in next sp, repeat from *
across.  Change to White.  Turn.

    Row 3:  Ch 5, *sl st-ch 3-sl st in sp between clusters, ch 5-sl st in 3rd ch from hook-ch 2,
repeat from * across.  End off.

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